Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm Late I'm Late....

for a very important date!  The Riley Sneek Peeks!

I am sorry I have been missing in action.  It has
been a wicked month at my house.  In the midst
of it all my computer decided it would join the
in the fun and games and quit.  Ugh!

So I am busy getting everything back together.
I plan on posting several projects Thursday

In the meantime want a peek of something
super fun?  I am stealing a pic from Tanya
just to show you this. 

I have been doing Cricut Club projects
for a class at Tanya's store Stamper's Ink.
Here is the August Class project.

This is the new Cricut Word Collage Cart with
our favorite Moose Riley!

I loved how these word collages matched up with
Riley so much that you just might see another one...
hint hint....
So stay tuned and I hope to show you some Riley
meets the Bug projects (the Cricut Bug that is.)



Michele L. said...

I absolutely love this. Can'twait to see your stuff tomorrow!
Totally get the being late, I've been traveling and it's been nutshereas well

Curt Jensen said...

I am so glad that you love this cartridge!!! I am the designer that created this cartridge for Cricut, and all of the projects you have made with it are really cute. Thanks for sharing!

happybooker said...

Therese, you have my sympathy! I haven't caught up from my trip and I don't have computer problems. I look forward to seeing what you did with the new Riley release.