Friday, September 24, 2010

Something Complete Different!

Now for something completely different!
On Monday while I was so busy getting
ready for the new Riley release I got a
delivery of my early birthday, anniversary
and Christmas gift.  LOL!

I was not sure how this would work for
the cardmaker in me but my dream has
always been to complete my Heritage
scrapbook. I have dabbled with digital
scrapbooking trying to speed my scrapping up!

So I ordered one of the new Cricut Imagines.
If you haven't heard of it well it is the newest machine
by ProvoCraft.  Info is here:

Why this machine?  Well I already have a huge
library of Cricut cartridges and a Gypsy.  This
machine can use all my Cricut carts and when
they get the update ready the Gypsy will be
able to be plugged into it!

So my impression?
At first I was unsure.  It was way out of
callibration.  I found info on the Cricut message
boards on how to do advanced callibration and
now I am in LOVE!

Here are my first quick results. 
My first cuts have a white border.
I have since found out how to eliminate those.
If you follow my Riley stamping you know I love
to cut out my Rileys and leave a white border so
it looks like something I would do anyway!

The cartridge used for these is the new Nursery
Tails for the Cricut Imagine.  It  was included
with the machine from Home Shopping Network
and I was not sure about it.  I really don't have
a need for a baby cart.  Well it makes the
cutest cards. 

Have a wonderful weekend.  I am off to class
with Suze Weinberg.  Yahoo!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Riley and Company Blog Hop Time!

This is it!  Time for the Fall/Halloween Releases
for Riley and Company.  Eight fantastic stamps
guaranteed to make you smile.  Please be sure
you start here.  Follow the links in the posts
and leave comments as you go and you will
be entered to maybe win your choice of one
of these stamps unmounted.  Woo Hoo!

Well do you think our two favorite monsters,
Franken Riley and Mummy Riley have
settled the vampire war?

Let's check in.............

Hum things seem awfully quiet.  So Vampire Riley
what happened?

"I am so embarassed.  When Mummy and Frankie
got us to talking I found out all Count Dracu-Riley
wanted was to find some friends, some vampires
like him.  He was so lonely.Sorry I overreacted.
We fixed the problem.  A very fine solution I think."

What solution?  What did you do?

Oh oh... I think I see.

Are those fangs on everyone?

Vampire Riley beamed with pride.  "Yes it is!  Now
we have a town full of friends. "

So if you are driving country roads sometime
and see farmers plowing fields in the dark and townspeople
raking leaves at night.  Well you better turn and drive off
 fast for you just might have stumbled across Rileyville.

The End  

Now for one last card finale.  I have
been trying waterfall cards.

Of course first I had to do my favorite
new monsters. 

It is my pleasure to introduce one of my new favorites -
he is pretty special at Riley HQ. Not only did Cowboy
Riley get a new sidekick but we have the perfect
character for Kansas City Chiefs cards.

Indian Chief Riley

Inside are our favorite Football player and Cheerleader.
Go Chiefs!

Thanks for stopping by!
I am the final stop on the blog hop
so now hop on over to Riley and Company
and save 10% if you buy all 8 new designs!
Enjoy!  They are the cutest Rileys ever!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just a few more hours!

Thursday is the day to nab these fantastic new Riley stamps!
Join us at 9 pm central time for the complete release
and blog hop!  Just start here and follow the links.

Now where were we in Rileyville?  Oh that's right
Hiking Riley was making a fast exit and someone
was calling for Frankie in the Rileyville cemetery.

"Hey, YooHoo Frankie!"  "Did you wake up too?"
Mummy Riley called.
"Hey over here little buddy!" Franken Riley called.

"Wow what is going on here?  I think all this paranormal
activity has disturbed our slumber." 

"Look over there Frankie isn't that your old
girlfriend Goth Sophie on that porch?  Let's go see
what is going on."

"Sophie what is going on here?" Frankie yelled.
"Good to see you Frank. "  "Seems two vampires
are duking it out and have disturbed the whole
town." she sighed.

"Okay little buddy I think we need to go find the
vampires and knock some sense into them."
Frankie replied.

Off they went to see the vampires.

So think they can solve this problem?

Stay tuned.

Ready for some cards?
Let's see what I still have lurking....

Until tonight..... have a spooky good time!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 3 Sneek Peeks!

It is day three of the sneek peeks!  Yahoo!

So wonder what is up with Hiking Riley
in Rileyville?

Well as he walks into town he sees all these
signs.  Handwritten signs that say:

"No Draculas allowed."
"Dracula Go Home."

What in the world is going on in this town?

As he walks farther he spots a little guy
very intently writing signs.
He asks where the nearest store is but
all the little guy will do is point down the

As Hiking Riley leaves he thinks he
sees fangs on the Writing Riley.  Nah
must be imagining things.

Soon he comes to a big sprawling
old house.  He decides to knock on the
A very interestingly dressed young
lady answers.

"Yes can I help you?" 
"I am looking for a grocery store?"
"Sorry we don't have one in Rileyville."
"Say my name is Goth Sophie. What did
you need?"
Hiking Riley explains he wanted to buy
some marshmallows and Goth Sophie
says she has some he can have.

Great!  As he is waiting he could swear he
hears someone calling Frankie across
the road.  No couldn't be.  That is the

Hiking Riley gets his marshmallows
and quickly heads down the road.
He can not leave this spooky
town fast enough!

Would you like a peek of what is going
on in the cemetery?  

Story continues tomorrow!

Now for some cards featuring my two favorite cemetery
monsters!  Mummy Riley and Franken-Riley! The
last one is another vellum window which you could
put your saying inside to show through.

Same time same place tomorrow!


Meanwhile in Rileyville and a Challenge!

Not only is this sneek peek number two but it
is challenge day for the Riley and Company
Design Team.  Be sure and check for my
challenge cards at the end!  The challenge
today is  a challenge from Frances-
Inside and Out - decorate your cards
inside and outside!  Please join the challenge
post links here in my comments or
post at Splitcoaststampers with the keyword

Meanwhile back in Rileyville a war was brewing.
Rileyville had long been the home of Vampire
Riley.  He loved his town and secretly ruled it.

Then a stranger moved to town.  His name...
Count DracuRiley.  There can be only one
vampire ruling this town!

This was not good. Not good at all.
Before you knew it Vampire Riley had
captured Count DracuRiley and put him under
guard.  Cowboy Riley and his new friend
and sidekick Indian Chief Riley were told
to guard him with silver bullets and a wooden

This had all the townspeople scared.  Suddenly
they had discovered vampires in their midst.

Stay tuned for more happenings in Rileyville.

Now my challenge cards. I have been playing
with what I call vellum windows for a peek a boo
look to cards.  So these are decorated on the
outside and a bright image stamped on the inside to
show through the vellum windows.

Design tip - heavier weight vellum embosses beautifully!
This was the spiderweb Cuttlebug embossing folder
on vellum!  Cool huh?

Inside Image - Witch on a Broom

I call this my Monster Trio!  LOL!
Franken Riley and Mummy Riley on the outside-

Inside image peeking through the window -
Count DracuRiley because of course he can not be
out in the sun!

Enjoy all our monster madness!  Until tomorrow!


Monday, September 20, 2010

Riley Sneek Peeks

Oh it is almost time for the best Riley release ever!
I just love Halloween and Fall and these stamps are

The blog hop and release are Thursday night so
be sure and follow along as we lead up to that event.

And now for a totally ridiculous tale of mayhem in
of all places - Rileyville. 

The story starts with a fall campout by
Campfire Riley

Tent Riley

and their new friend Hiking Riley.

They were having a great time until
they ran out of marshmallows
for their campfire evenings.

So Hiking Riley decided to hitch
a ride to the nearest town.
A trucker passing by gave
him a ride up the road to the
outskirts of a town named Rileyville.

Little did he know he was walking
into a town torn apart by a fight.
A very unusual fight. 

Stay tuned for more of the story
and to meet these new characters
in Rileyville. 

See you tomorrow for more Rileyville mayhem!

BTW all these little characters are being made to inhabit

It is the Haunted House cut from the Happy Hauntings
cartridge for the Cricut Machine.  I will post more pics
later after we add some characters.  The house
currently is on display at Riley Headquarters and soon
will have a pumpkin patch and spooky cemetery added.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tales from Rileyville....

Every once and awhile I drop Tanya at Riley HQ
a totally crazy Riley email just for laughs. 
If there is one thing she loves it is Halloween and
a good vampire story. 
Well this tale spun and spun until it took on a life
of its own.  Total whackiness for sure!

So come along dear blog reader on a Tale from Rileyville....

You know I have been having an awful time at my house.
Ever since the new Twilight Movie frenzy in June
Vampire Riley has pretty much taken over my craft area.

Things were going great until a certain new Riley arrived last week.
(He who shall be unnamed for now. lol!)
 It has turned Rileyville upside down.
Witch on a Broom Sophie just did a fly over.
Things are not pretty. Vampire Riley is furious!
He is rounding up all his friends and an attack is planned.

Will he turn all the new Rileys into vampires?
Will a certain new unsuspecting Riley hitchhike into the unthinkable?
Will Cowboy Riley and his new sidekick be able to hold the
mayhem at bay with silver bullets and wooden tomahawks?
Will that lost new Riley ever find his friend Frankie in the graveyard?
And last but not least who in the world is making all those
 " .... Go Home!" signs?

Stayed tuned for "The Riley Diaries - The Vampire Wars"
coming to a blog near you Monday.

Now for some insider design notes- follow along as I build
Rileyville and scenery from the Happy Hauntings and
Mini Monsters Cricut cartridges.  If you own a Cricut
I hope this inspires you to try combining your stamping with
your Cricut diecuts.  Pictures and sneek peeks coming soon!
I will be including cutting sizes for the Cricut too.
If you are having trouble locating a Happy Hauntings cartridge
give Stamper's Ink a call at  913-248-7826. 
Tanya finally got one for me.  They are sold out everywhere!

P.S.  If you have read this far click here for a sneek peek
Tanya posted.

Therese in Rileyville

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Riley and Company Sketch Challenge!

Silke created a wonderful sketch challenge for the
Riley and Company Design Team today!
Here is her sketch if you would like to play along.
Post your cards here or at SplitCoast Stampers
with the keywords Riley 1710.  We would love
to see your work!

I chose to do two since I could not choose
between Riley and Sophie.

First up a card with a stamp I love!
Pefume Sophie.  Oh so girlie!

Then I am in such a Halloween mood! 
Of course I had to start with Vampire

Have fun with this challenge!