Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just a few more hours!

Thursday is the day to nab these fantastic new Riley stamps!
Join us at 9 pm central time for the complete release
and blog hop!  Just start here and follow the links.

Now where were we in Rileyville?  Oh that's right
Hiking Riley was making a fast exit and someone
was calling for Frankie in the Rileyville cemetery.

"Hey, YooHoo Frankie!"  "Did you wake up too?"
Mummy Riley called.
"Hey over here little buddy!" Franken Riley called.

"Wow what is going on here?  I think all this paranormal
activity has disturbed our slumber." 

"Look over there Frankie isn't that your old
girlfriend Goth Sophie on that porch?  Let's go see
what is going on."

"Sophie what is going on here?" Frankie yelled.
"Good to see you Frank. "  "Seems two vampires
are duking it out and have disturbed the whole
town." she sighed.

"Okay little buddy I think we need to go find the
vampires and knock some sense into them."
Frankie replied.

Off they went to see the vampires.

So think they can solve this problem?

Stay tuned.

Ready for some cards?
Let's see what I still have lurking....

Until tonight..... have a spooky good time!



StampOwl said...

always fun checking what you have created for the sneaks and you haven't disappointed :)

Cathy said...

Therese, I LOVE what you have created for this Halloween Release...Awesome stuff!!! :)

JessicaK said...

Awesome story and LOVE all your little Rileys.

Silli said...

Hehe, this is sooo funny...Love your work...

Cindy Haffner said...

Ohh so excited, love all your Rileys!

Riley and Company said...

Nice work little buddy! HA!!! Ya killin' me!!!

Virgo5 said...

Wow! Great work Therese!