Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tales from Rileyville....

Every once and awhile I drop Tanya at Riley HQ
a totally crazy Riley email just for laughs. 
If there is one thing she loves it is Halloween and
a good vampire story. 
Well this tale spun and spun until it took on a life
of its own.  Total whackiness for sure!

So come along dear blog reader on a Tale from Rileyville....

You know I have been having an awful time at my house.
Ever since the new Twilight Movie frenzy in June
Vampire Riley has pretty much taken over my craft area.

Things were going great until a certain new Riley arrived last week.
(He who shall be unnamed for now. lol!)
 It has turned Rileyville upside down.
Witch on a Broom Sophie just did a fly over.
Things are not pretty. Vampire Riley is furious!
He is rounding up all his friends and an attack is planned.

Will he turn all the new Rileys into vampires?
Will a certain new unsuspecting Riley hitchhike into the unthinkable?
Will Cowboy Riley and his new sidekick be able to hold the
mayhem at bay with silver bullets and wooden tomahawks?
Will that lost new Riley ever find his friend Frankie in the graveyard?
And last but not least who in the world is making all those
 " .... Go Home!" signs?

Stayed tuned for "The Riley Diaries - The Vampire Wars"
coming to a blog near you Monday.

Now for some insider design notes- follow along as I build
Rileyville and scenery from the Happy Hauntings and
Mini Monsters Cricut cartridges.  If you own a Cricut
I hope this inspires you to try combining your stamping with
your Cricut diecuts.  Pictures and sneek peeks coming soon!
I will be including cutting sizes for the Cricut too.
If you are having trouble locating a Happy Hauntings cartridge
give Stamper's Ink a call at  913-248-7826. 
Tanya finally got one for me.  They are sold out everywhere!

P.S.  If you have read this far click here for a sneek peek
Tanya posted.

Therese in Rileyville

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