Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 3 Sneek Peeks!

It is day three of the sneek peeks!  Yahoo!

So wonder what is up with Hiking Riley
in Rileyville?

Well as he walks into town he sees all these
signs.  Handwritten signs that say:

"No Draculas allowed."
"Dracula Go Home."

What in the world is going on in this town?

As he walks farther he spots a little guy
very intently writing signs.
He asks where the nearest store is but
all the little guy will do is point down the

As Hiking Riley leaves he thinks he
sees fangs on the Writing Riley.  Nah
must be imagining things.

Soon he comes to a big sprawling
old house.  He decides to knock on the
A very interestingly dressed young
lady answers.

"Yes can I help you?" 
"I am looking for a grocery store?"
"Sorry we don't have one in Rileyville."
"Say my name is Goth Sophie. What did
you need?"
Hiking Riley explains he wanted to buy
some marshmallows and Goth Sophie
says she has some he can have.

Great!  As he is waiting he could swear he
hears someone calling Frankie across
the road.  No couldn't be.  That is the

Hiking Riley gets his marshmallows
and quickly heads down the road.
He can not leave this spooky
town fast enough!

Would you like a peek of what is going
on in the cemetery?  

Story continues tomorrow!

Now for some cards featuring my two favorite cemetery
monsters!  Mummy Riley and Franken-Riley! The
last one is another vellum window which you could
put your saying inside to show through.

Same time same place tomorrow!



Silli said...

Wonderful creations... Love it!

StampOwl said...

fabulous Therese!

Riley and Company said...

YOU KILL ME!!! I am starting to live for these stories in the morning! LOVE Writing Riley!! LOVE HIM!

JessicaK said...

Riley stories!!! And wow with those eyes on the Boo card. Very cool.

Virgo5 said...

Fabulous love the way you did the half written sign!

scrappydarling said...

Your stories are so enjoyable! Thanks!